You Can Learn!

We believe that every life needs music and that every student can learn. We'll take you through the most basic piano fundamentals in a positive and encouraging environment. Our stress-free, supportive approach will allow you to experience the joy of music making from the very first lesson. We know you can play!


Piano book included


We are currently enrolling for new group classes.



After several years of teaching group piano class for kids, we believe it may be one of the most effective ways to teach beginners. Students receive an hour group lesson every week and gain the advantage of having peer support and more time for reinforcing music games and activities. You'll be getting more value at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. 


Piano book included


We are currently enrolling for new group classes.



Personalized Instruction

For the most personalized lesson format, students may enroll in private lessons. Private lessons are available for both adults and children of all ages. Now Enrolling.



30-Minute Lesson (16 Weeks): $480

45-Minute Lesson (16 Weeks): $720

Hour Lesson (16 Weeks): $960.00


Lakeside Piano Studios is the right place for those who desire a beautiful view and comfortable spaces. Take a look at the studio!



Lakeside Piano Studios stays in the loop about new technology in music education. Our space is equipped with recording equipment, MIDI sequencing software, notation software, iPads stocked with music apps, and a digital piano lab with six digital pianos. 


Performance Opportunities

Each year, Lakeside Piano Studios offers several traditional recitals as well as unique performance opportunities. Past venues include university auditoriums, coffee houses, parks, senior centers, and churches. Students also have the opportunity to participate in several casual group classes leading up to the big performance. You will cherish the musical memories from these uniquely-themed events. 

"Mr. Davis Dorrough is an excellent teacher, mentor, and musician. He knows just how to share with our child so she "gets it” at each lesson. Our daughter leaves the lesson smiling and excited about something new or an improved skill. He’s taken her to a new level of piano playing in terms of technique and musicianship. He is simply wonderful!"

-Quin Tran

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